Sneak Peek! Our New Baby Collection

Our new baby collection has been in the works for months! And it's almost ready!

Late last year, I took a look at the baby section of our website and noticed that it was very heavy in the lovey department (probably because they are so cute and I love them so so much!)

But that's not really a good thing -- it's better to give y'all a choice of product!

Seersucker Burb Cloth Sneak Peek

So I set out to balance things out, retiring some adorable goodies along the way, and spending most of my time at the January mart finding the cutest, best quality items to share with you!

Peach Bib and Burp

Let me tell you, IT HAS BEEN TORTURE not sharing this with you until now. Every time a box arrived, I would get so excited and immediately pick up my phone to show y'all on Instagram  ...but I stopped myself because I wanted to wait and showcase everything at one time!

Seersucker Bib and Burp

This is just a glimpse at some of the things that will be coming this week!

This collection will go LIVE on Thursday, March 9 for email subscribers!

(You can get on the list HERE!)