Thank You!

2022 has been another great year for Marietta Monograms!

This year, we shipped thousands of items to your homes, which means you chose to give thousands of your loved ones special, personalized gifts. That’s thousands of smiles!

Even though I’m not with you when you give the gifts that I personally monogrammed (I’m the only one who does the monogramming!), I know that they bring joy. You show love by gifting them something personal, and I’m blessed and grateful to be a part of that.

You are the reason I get to do what I do. Without you, I would be sitting in traffic every day on my way to work my tax accounting job 8am-5pm. It means so very much to me and my family that I have flexibility in how I use my time to work.

Because of you, I am able to help my family when needed. I’m able to coach girls softball. I’m able to dedicate a good bit of time to practicing and playing piano/organ at church. I’m able to make dinner *almost* every night. I’m able to take a nap when I need one.

Don’t get me wrong, running a business is a LOT of work. It is often mentally and physically exhausting (see the sentence about those naps above?). My brain is constantly moving 100 miles per hour with things I want to do and ideas for products to bring to you. I’ve even said the phrase, “I had an idea while I was sleeping…” 

My hope for 2023 is to continue to bring you and your families treasured gifts and to bring more joy and love to your homes!Family Christmas 2022
My Family on Christmas Day