My #1 Rule for Sourcing Product

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

As an online boutique owner, I wear so many hats, with the most important being choosing product. I get to be the eyes and hands for you since you can’t feel and touch the products until they get to your mailbox.

Nobody likes being disappointed by an online purchase, so it’s always my goal to present a fabulous selection of bags and purses that will exceed your expectations. 

Using my embroidery experience and eye for detail, I put my heart, soul, and a great deal of time into the process. I spend about 10 days per year shopping the AmericasMart showrooms, choosing the best items from my current suppliers and finding new suppliers.

Americas Mart Showroom

There is just one main rule:

I never buy anything without seeing it with my own eyes and feeling it with my own hands first.

It’s my job to shop for you, and I would never select something for you that I wouldn’t buy for myself.

Why spend all the time at the mart when you can order from suppliers online? Frankly, most suppliers have subpar product photos, incomplete descriptions, and lack of detail on their websites. The color and scale of items is rarely shown accurately, and there is no replacement for feeling the material. Most of the time, there is not enough detail shown to give me a good idea about whether or not an item can be monogrammed.

One time I previewed some purses in an online catalog that I was really excited about, and I got to the showroom and saw that they were TINY!!! They weren’t even large enough to hold a phone! This is why I have that one rule!

Since we’re talking about websites: I am a stickler about accuracy on The colors are accurate. Scale/size is always shown. There is always a photo of the inside.

Karina Crossbody

Karina Crossbody with Card Wallet

Materials are probably the most important factor…some bags feel rigid or plastic-y, which is a no-go for monogramming. The embroidery process will punch holes in the material and will not hold up over time. And nobody wants a plasticy purse anyway! Bags can also be too thick to monogram.

If there are a lot of pockets on the interior, sometimes it’s not possible to monogram because the space available for a monogram might be in the wrong place. The space may also be too small for the scale of the bag.

Finishing touches are also a pretty big deal! If the hardware isn’t durable, it will break. I’ve even found “gold” hardware that has an awful green tint to it…I did not buy those! Details are important!

Chloe Zip Around Wallet

Chloe Zip Around Wallet

In order for to be successful, customers have to be happy. So this process is a win/win!

Customers have been very happy with our selections. They have raved about the quality of our monogrammed purses. I hope is your go-to destination when you’re looking for a high-quality, personalized purse.